Sunday, March 17, 2013

Suddenly 30...

It's been a strange little journey and though this was meant to be released on the 16th I was celebrating at  one of my favourite places.

Though I don't feel significantly different I gotta admit there's a feeling of an unlocked achievement, "The Big Level Up"I'm glad to be where I am and happy to have made it this far. But the next challenge has already arrived :)

A couple of my co-workers 

It's official, got me a badge and everything, thanks guys :D

Blip, one of the resident Luna Park clowns.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perth Oz Comic Con part 2

Seeing as I'll be levelling up tomorrow (having my birthday) I figured I'd put in this second part of my trip to Perth and Oz Comic Con, which is one of the best conventions I've been to so far.

The "Free Hugs" guy, he was blue this time.

An awesome Cyrax from Mortal Kombat costume

Zom-babes, some of the best in town. :) 

William Shatner was one of the guest celebrities

I'm TOTALLY coming back next year :D

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Perth Oz Comic Con 2013 part 1

This marked a couple of mile stones as I run out the clock on my 20's and look forward to embracing my 30's. The cause and effect of setting goals and making plans have the clear component of patience, not just hard work as a lot of motivational quotes are fond of saying. I think it's due to the fact they leave out a lot. My first trip to Western Australia, the first Oz Comic Con to be held there and the first convention of its kind I've attended- well outside of Supanova (which is pretty much the same with a different name)
I felt compelled to jump on a band wagon late to the party- I took a photo of my food.

The 2 sharks design was pretty cool.

The strange raw hide designer leather chair at my hotel room.

The pre show set up, the quiet few hours setting up before the guests arrive.

I took to wearing my hat, which is perfect for blending in as well as standing out... when in Rome.

The view from my window Perth has kind of a brand new majesty to it.
I was at table 52 in the Artists Alley

The view from my artist alley table.

The "Free Hugs" Zombie


Banana Man Cosplay- seriously one of the best I've ever seen (if not the only one of its kind I've ever seen)