Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dr Pam in colour WIP

Here's a coloured version of the Z Brush sculpt, soon to be detailed and posed. Though she's a scientist the 1950's rockabilly horn rimmed sunnies were a gotta have; the final version will probably not include it.   

Friday, March 28, 2014

2011 WIP 2014

It's weird sometimes how something like a sketch can go into the "To-Do" pile and nothing will happen for nearly 3 years. This would be one of those examples, I draw, a lot and from time to time I'll make something I'm proud of, makes me laugh or strangely and monumentally indifferent about. When I saw the original date I made this sketch I was instantly reminded that I had big plans for the piece and that I can barely remember 2011. I guess time flies when your concept of it never matches quite what you experience.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Z Brush Poison Ivy fan art piece Work in Progress.

This piece I've been working on for a while using a combination of z spheres, shapes, duplicates and extractions though Edgar is a more complete piece he was far easier to make (not so many parts) not true of this one which is, part character design portfolio piece, part fan art piece, part pin up piece and is the work in progress result of much trial and error and the fact Z Brush has an autosave ability that is truly a life saving thing of brilliance :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Zee Brush, "Edgar"

I'm currently still teaching myself Z Brush, a program in my humble opinion is probably the most awesome creative platform since I discovered MS Paint as a kid in the 90's. Ok that may be a stretch but back in 1994 MS Paint was the greatest.

Meet Edgar, yes I know most of what I've been creating has been a tad nightmarish and grim but stick around, it's all part of a far cooler bigger thing. Loosely based on Audrey 2 from 'Little Shop of Horrors" and the piranha plants from Mario Bros I wanted to make a cool venus fly trap monster. So using multiple component shapes for the head (sphere), flower (cone), soil (sphere), pot (cylinder)  and root (cylinder) coming out the side are all separate 'sub tools' that can be worked on independent of the others.

Here's a close up, I wanted to make the whole man eating plant concept more plant like especially when it came to the teeth as in different versions the teeth have always appeared more animal I wanted to make them seem more like thorns. 

I'm working on making the pot look more beaten up and giving way to the plant slowly beginning to escape, I also like the character of it.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The 5th Wall

I released this one on my birthday, well technically the following day in Australia, smack bang between the Ides of March and St Patricks Day.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Zee Brush

I began teaching myself how to use Zbrush after seeing some amazing work done online using the program. I've always been an avid sculptor since my days studying fine art and clay, is my medium (with sculpty a close second) so when I discovered software like Maya and 3Ds Max used digital clay I was to say the least intrigued, then along came Zbrush and I knew I found it. :)

This is the first completed painted head sculpt I've made so far, it's a fan art piece of Batman villain Killer Croc. 

The character has a great unusual face to create as he has been reimagined as everything from an MMA fighter with a bad skin condition, to a talking dinosaur so though there's a few parameters the characterisation is a free for all .   I've done other pieces which I'll be posting soon to show my progress. 

The Fifth Wall.

Like being talking bears wasn't mind blowing enough.

I dug up some of my old single panel gag cartoons from years ago, I did a series of fairytale themed way back in the late 90's that needed a rework. So to kick off further 5th Wall additions here's my take on the old Brother's Grimm weird home invasion story we grew up with. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Newest member of the IA club

I'm officially a member of  Illustrators Australia (or as I like to call it: The Australian Illustrators Guild) who have given me a brand new place to showcase on a database out in cyberspace, I appreciate the opportunity to have been accepted in. Please check out my work there.

Ed Dyer's -Amazing Live- Caricatures!

Somewhat new signage.

I've been dabbling with a few new ideas for my newest signs for my work and my market stalls.

Ed Dyer's Amazing Live Caricatures: Some pics from the Booth 2014

As I haven't really gotten around to putting up my work that I produce at the park I figured it was high time that I did. So basically playing catch up to an entire back log of caricatures I've drawn for "The Place with the Face". In the last couple of months the booth has gone through a couple of aesthetic upgrades mainly as I'm attempting to get the digital caricatures up and running as a feature and updating the look and layout of my display I've been kind of swamped, also in February I found a new program that I've gradually been teaching myself how to use so yeah, been a bit busy.