Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pure digital caricatures

Naturally these are still drawn by hand but as time crunches and carbon foot prints notwithstanding I decided to finally take off the paper training wheels and draw exclusively with the tablet and stylus. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Comic Gong 2014

"Oh captain, my captain."
- Dead Poets Society
 It's not everyday I do a free to play convention, but it was most definitely a nice change of pace compared to the massive scale cons I have artist alley tables at. Though held in a far smaller location, with a much shorter running time it was a nice day trip down to Wollongong with my fellow caricaturist collaborator and comic book artist mate Josh Spencer.

Drew a few caricatures too.

Some fantastic cosplay as always on show and I love being able to sell prints of my fan art pieces.

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 Funnily enough we thought we had missed "Free Comic Book Day" (the unofficial holiday of geeks everywhere) as we had a gig on May the 3rd and couldn't make the queues, also it was a fiercely cold and windy day. But fate, it seemed shined upon us as Kings Comics appeared to have a few left over and put them in with the Comic Gong show bags.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sinestro a mashup style tribute piece

This piece was inspired by the game Infinite Crisis and the nickelodeon animated series Danny Phantom.

There's something about Sinestro, he's a good guy gone bad, he uses the power of fear which means he's "yellow" and he has this amazing "I know someone who looks a bit like him" character design. The last couple of weeks have been highly productive and hectic with new projects and gigs looming (I'm booked pretty much the entire of the month) it's rare to take the time and create something kind of fun for the sake of it.