Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Man-o-Steel Henry Cavill caricature

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound- and the ability to fly too comes in handy.
I've been avoiding a lot of the reviews as the reboot of the reboot of the reboot of Superman is yet to finally be released in Australia ( We tend to be somewhere near the back of the queue when it comes to the blockbusters waiting list ). So for fans everywhere having to take the deliberate measures to dodge and duck for cover from a hail of spoilers is an interesting little exercise. We watch trailers with bated breath hoping the entire movie doesn't get summed up in 4 minutes, we check rotten tomatoes with the apprehension of a kid who's presents are already under the Christmas tree weeks, before the actual holiday. 
One of the problems with the real life movie adaptations of the worlds most powerful superhero is unlike a faithful animated series or video game treatment of the source material it's kind of a mixed reaction. The films Christopher Reeve made are a prime example, so too is the film starring Brandon Routh. 

Some things I do like about the newest iteration of Supes here regard my theory on aesthetics a prime example the new improved superman suit is designed to look not only more "alien" because Kal El is Krytonian are after all, there's also a retro cadillac look about the lines and his red undies are on the inside for a change, because lets face it onesies are big these days! Also the other Kryptonians in the movie are far more alien too, and by alien it's more in the Star Trek definition of what counts as "alien" pointy ears, a metal eyebrow or a skin condition etc. Basically to go unnoticed in the American midwest yet still get mistaken for a bird or a plane...

This one looks awesome though, when I get a chance to see it I'll update.

June and Supanova Sydney 2013

Winter time at the park is always interesting, it never gets cold enough to begin snowing sure. But you do know you're alive when the cold wind comes through. Fortunately I was given a mighty boost during a rainy weekend with Supanova Sydney 2013, the big pop culture expo and I've enjoyed starting out as a guest, then a last minute replacement and then a regular exhibiting artist.

I decided to add a happy face to the lid of the lip balm.

Set up day was great fun as a returning artist to the Artist Alley, and surprisingly enough quite a few more caricaturists than last time.

My first con sketch for DK.

I had a kick ass time ;)

There's always next year... :)