Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Long time no see, guess I've been a tad busy...First Post of 2016

So, what have I been up to all this time? Mostly just riding a wave of incoming work much like opening up a wardrobe full of ping pong balls, an analogy I've probably used before as an excuse but honestly since I haven't updated this blog since September 2015 I can't account for it... While it'd be awesome to have it something like this...

It's more like this
 So it's an election year, the worlds most powerful country is picking it's leader and it's every but as crazy as it's ever been, so what better than to begin this year's posting cycle with a digital caricature, as drawn lovingly on my new(ish) iPad pro (will be doing a video about it soon)  But the main comparison I drew was Donald J. Trump and Dragon Ball Z, both are:

  • Hilarious and exciting to watch and have been around way longer than most people realise/would care to admit.
  • Just when you think the bad guy has won the "David vs Goliath protocol" switch is thrown and the story ends with an insane fireworks display.
  • Both seem to have massive fan bases despite an overall lack of substance.
  •  It's all about machismo, yelling and psychotic hair.