Friday, June 27, 2014

Enter the Dragon, a Caricature Tribute to Bruce Lee

I wanted to make something badass for the next up coming conventions, one of the good things about winter time and having so many conventions happening within comparatively short gaps from each other, you find yourself cranking out new stuff and not having to worry too much about heading outside. This one I used the Colour Half Tone to get the speckled comic book print look vaguely similar to Roy Lichtenstein.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Morrigan Bewitched a fan art

Every minute of every day inspiration can and often simply lunges from out of nowhere; usually in the form of a day dream or even as I'm trying to drift off to sleep (which is even worse).

So up until the time I had a phone on which I could keep and record notes this quite often resulted in some kind of panicked search for a pen and a scrap of paper.

I'm a big fan of fighting games, I'm not terribly good at playing them though the "Angry Button Mash Combo" and the "Rage Quit" are some of my specialities. If you've ever played one of these games you know exactly what I mean, one minute you're using muscle memory and reflexes to play then all of a sudden BOOM! Calculous Pop Quiz!     

Darkstalkers is one of those fighting games that is pretty close to having it all, take some awesome anime re-imaginings of classic monsters and have them duke it out Street Fighter style. Like the accidentally discovered recipe for chocolate chip cookies, there's a justified sublime genius to it. 

DAREDEVILS mascot design fan art

The red hallow around Matt Murdoch's head symbolises his extra sensory perception kind of a sonar.

I have a background that includes a bit of graphic design, and particularly illustration. I was more inclined to cobble together my education from bits and pieces rather than a nice standard package, so as it would be a few years until Pinterest became available naturally I was drawn to books with lots and lots of pictures and in this occasion, symbols and masks. 

Some of my earliest memories was making wearable masks as a kid, I found it brought more to the whole imagination experience, plus decent eye protection for when my brother and I would battle with sticks.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Xavier Institute Fightin' Wolverines

I based the design for this fan art piece on the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish mascot.
Like many of my drawings these ideas begin life as sketches on paper.

I've always been fascinated by the design that goes into the mascot characters of sports teams, for the most part as a kid with only a mild interest in sport it was the only thing I found that appealed to me.

The logo is not only a sweet cartoon of a stocky, quick-tempered leprechaun stereotype it's also one of the most geometrically balanced caricatures I've ever seen. So naturally when I saw it I thought Wolverine.

Friday, June 6, 2014

New digital work

Here's a few more examples of reducing my carbon foot print, sort of. By supporting some of the native wildlife and their quest to become the best martial artists ever.
As some examples of projects I do that have very little to do with caricatures, illustration, particularly cartoon based work is where my passion also is.
Yes that is a platypus balancing on top of the head of a koala like the awesome scene from the Karate Kid movie. 
I never got a chance to smash balsa wood planks when I was doing karate but my characters get to.

More to come soon, it's been busy lately.