Thursday, January 30, 2014

You know who's viewtiful? You're Viewtiful!

Viewtiful Joe is one of those characters that tends to jump out at you, I stumbled upon his original game back in '03 and later in Marvel vs Capcom 3, which in terms of the fighting game genre, is like peanut butter and chocolate i.e. Some things just belong together! :D 

The game pits the established classic line up of well known and assorted obscure characters of the Marvel universe against the mixed bag of awesome that is the Capcom universe, which is a series of arcade tag team fighters that followed the Xmen vs Street Fighter game I remember playing when I was 12. 

It was a big deal conquering it for the fist time with Gambit and Dhalsim (up until that point I had been quickly annihilated in the single player tournaments, never being able to make it to the boss) I found the combination of the tag-team and easy to execute super moves not only made the game playable for the casual rookie, but truly awesome to watch. 

A perfect, subtle blend of pure nostalgia and adrenaline.

As he already has a big head and a little body caricaturing him is somewhat redundant, but is still a lot of fun to draw and as a spare piece of card the size of a largish coaster was around I had to make a piece for the helmet and pink chiffon scarf wearing superhero.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Desolation of Scrooge

I always thought 'Smaug' rhymed with 'Cyborg' as a kid.
I'm back to doing fan art pieces now that the holidays have wrapped up for another year and I can focus on creating some stuff for my own amusement really but I always gotta share my newest work.
Despite what reviewers, source material purists, and those folks who always feel the need to chime in with their "the book was better" speech might say; I thoroughly enjoy the mightily padded, 3 part Hobbit epic movie extravaganza. The encounter with Smaug, (which is pronounced differently to how I remember it as a kid) reminded me of the massive money vault of Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tenacious D caricature, band poster

These guys rule.

Being a big fan of the work of Jack Black and Kyle Gas of the duo Tenacious D I felt it was only fitting to draw and design a band poster for them as, well, I guess, a tribute... ^____\<

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rico Genest caricature

Mr. Skullhead show.

Hey there Zombie Boy! Rico Genest is the real name of the guy who tattooed his entire body to look like a zombie, which, as far as cosplay goes, has to be admired. Whereas most facial tattoos usually "unemployable" this guy's says "movie star" guess it depends on the design. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

That being said as the title, yes I'm aware that the shelf life of saying "Happy New Year" to strangers and loved ones expires faster than fries after going cold and being temporally resuscitated in the microwave. I felt I needed to write more this year too, and keep my resolutions modest achievable and above all not some bucket of approval chum for my compliment fishing trip. So I decided to kick off the new year with an idea I hit upon in 2012 called the Pin Up Pop Culture Princesses (Pop Culture Pin Up Princesses as they were originally billed) I figured it's high time I brought back an old favourite.

I'm training myself to draw more dynamic poses, animate more and sign "2014" as the year, baby steps. 

Cammy, is a gorgeous and thoughtfully designed fighter from the Street Fighter franchise (a game I've loved watching my arse get kicked at, by far better players since I was a kid). The deal with Cammy is multi layered, she's got camouflage gear and paint on (get it? Cammy-flauge lol) she also brings a little bit of balance to an otherwise totally male dominated game series; with this pose I was going for kind of a dynamic version compared to some of my other pin ups which seem a tad static, sedentary she's more like a dancer and I'll be posting a finished coloured version at some later date.