Friday, July 27, 2012

Ghost Riding on the Wall

Jump rope with Johnny Blaze.
Ghost Rider, one of the iconic badasses of the Marvel comics universe, a fascinatingly complex and with an undeniable aesthetic all his own one of the most under rated of the heroes. First up his powers are granted to him my the Devil, his costume consists of black motorcycle leathers studded with fierce steel spikes with a long heavy chain as his weapon of choice... and his head is a flaming skull! (Though I'm sure his entire body is a demonically enchanted skeleton with fire for flesh) Before getting his powers his alter ego was and is a stunt bike rider Johnny Blaze, portrayed by Nicolas Cage in both film adaptations of this pure fun story, and by that I mean what the movie got right about the character balances out what the movie got wrong...grain of salt stuff really.

This frame also makes for a very cool tattoo I've heard.
What awesomeness looks like.

Mah face is on fire!!!

And it's also one of the greatest classic country music songs of all time, though the band Spiderbait did a fine rendition the superior version will always be that of Johnny Cash.

I can't exactly remember the year in which I made this one, I tacked on 1994 because I'm pretty sure that's the year I made it.
This piece was my first attempt at Ghost Rider; drawn painstakingly a pixel at a time on MS Paint during the mid 90's on the home computer. The digital version is still on a 3.25 inch floppy disk somewhere and this was scanned from the only known print I have. The video games being produced at the time had this pixelated 16bit artwork and I found it very easy to emulate after figuring out the zoom in focus. To anyone who's never used MS Paint for Windows Version 3.1 on a 486 PC, imagine drawing with a soap on a rope with the most primitive drawing program available (which was for its time cutting edge).
This program was surprisingly fun to use, you just needed to be patient, for about 5 more years. 

 My favourite part of this drawing was not only how well it actually turned out in the scan after all these years, (my plastic sleeve storage policy seems to have worked) but the jaw bone, I think I may have been onto something there.

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