Wednesday, June 20, 2012

M. Bison caricature

Source of inspiration...Bane of my existence.
Mmmm... That's some damn fine bison!
M. Bison from the Street Fighter series, there was something menacing and diabolically self aware of his position of Boss in the original game, which became popular in the early 90's. I first discovered this when I attended karate classes as a kid and the place was home to an arcade machine fascinated though I was by this amazing (for it's time) fighting game I was also without coins to play so I just watched the looping clips and being a PC gamer fighting games would become a blessing and a curse.
Bison just got his nails did.
My phone currently has an app for this 

I would later become quite adept at getting my arse handed to me, usually by Asian kids with mongoose fast reflexes and the ability to fire off special move combos which would leave me aghast at my fallen hero's lifeless body on the flickering display standing there with no more coins for a rematch.
I drew this one as a concept piece that would accompany a series of caricatures of my favourite video game characters, in this case Street Fighter.
Raul Julia 1940-1994. Played M. Bison in the film adaptation of Street Fighter.

Kind of like a Nazi or Soviet officer (remember it was 1991, the U.S.S.R was still around) who'd basically tapped into "The Dark Side of the Force" he was an enduring heel to main protagonist Ryu.
Though he'd later be supplanted by Akuma he holds an honoured spot in the classic rogues gallery.
The "M" in M.Bison stands for "Massage"
Little known fact: The Death Star was carpeted.

I think his real power came from how much of a snappy dresser he is.

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