Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rorschach, iPad sketch book sessions

Not exactly so much a caricature as an experiment, seeing spots in front of your eyes.
I got myself an ipad a couple of weeks ago, yes I appreciate that isn't exactly news worthy but hey even if I am late to the party-- it doesn't start til I walk in.

I drew this one on Sketchbook Pro, I have Sketchbook Express but as the "Lite" version it doesn't quite have all the things I normally use, however it did have the rather interesting mirror image default which was not only fun to draw with but surprisingly therapeutic.

Rorschach was by far one of my favourite characters in The Watchmen, the movie adaptation was actually pretty faithful though it omitted a lot of extra stuff (it would have had to be a 3 part epic if that had happened) and of course I say this in the hindsight of one who quite often watches the film before reading the book (or comic) it was initially based on. I did read the comic (or graphic novel, technically)  a few years later and it's one of those true game changers that blew me away-- Once again late to the party, but worth it showing up.

I stumbled upon this video, it's a little grainy but seriously the end result is, in home made kind of way even more impressive than the original CGI mask.

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