Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gamorrean Green

Further along in my obscure character caricatures version I decided to feature the Gamorrean, aka the green skinned, pig-alien guy from Star Wars, who always looked just a little out of place given the sci fi nature of the movies and they seem dressed medieval.
Whachootalkinbout Willis?

Surprisingly good and your pet Rancor will love it too!

This little piggy joined the armed forces

These guys where always the embodied metaphor for the low level law enforcement type, literally the "grunt" and appears to have influenced the designs of fantasy genre and I love how there's an established and comprehensive back story for every single character in the Star Wars universe much like the DC universe, it however goes one step further and gives extras, who may have only enjoyed a blurry split second of screen time receive the in depth investigative journalistic biographical honour as some of the main cast. It's amazing and worth a read.

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