Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ducks and Dogs and Weasels? Oh My!!! Stuff I grew up with.

I was never quite sure what Mega Volt was supposed to be but one thing was for sure I LOVED Darkwing Duck! 

One of my favourite villains from the show, I'm guessing he's some kind of weasel. 

Set in Saint Cannard, the DWD universe I guess occurred in the same one as Duck Tails a world of anthropomorphic animals.

Though some animals were more sentient than others, I suppose it's the evolutionary bell curve brought on by The Animal Farm effect 2 legs good 4 legs bad or something along those lines.

I also love Blacksad, possibly the greatest if not only mature themed pulp noir anthropomorphic animal (furry) graphic novel of its kind.  

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