Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Forgot I made these...!

Not to put too finer point on it but I'm somewhat prolific, and no this isn't me blowing my own trumpet here just saying that in the high energy of a gig the flow of the park and the other stuff I draw there are some that simply never get the attention they deserve.

I taught myself how to draw "old school" which is on paper and with a pencil, I do have an ipad convenient though it is can not quite match the feel and texture of traditional drawing. That being said some of the pieces I do for practice, to emulate a style I admire or just for me don't make it on top the blog much less online at all mostly because I run out of time- think of it like:
  Sketch Book Sessions "The Forgotten Pages"

For starters if you've been following my posts, at least the ones from last year you'd have noticed my Pin Up drawings- and you've also probably noticed the lack of the girly drawings in the closing months of 2012. So I dug around in my collection of originals and found some sketches.

My tribute to one of my favourite artists Chris Wahl

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  1. Hey Ed. Thanks for the mention, mate. Great sketch!

    ...and I definitely have to stop and say hi next time I'm at Luna Park. I've seen you working there a few times, but never realised we knew each other through Facebook.

    Have a great 2013!