Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day with your "X" a fan art piece.

Gambit and Rogue from the 90's X Men animated series, one of the best and most complex relationships in comics.

Happy Valentines Day, ah who am I kidding... SUPER HAPPY FUN VALENTINES DAY ^____^
Though technically it was yesterday in Australia, I figured I may as well publish this one when the other side of the world celebrates. I picked Gambit and Rogue in their 90's costumes as they appeared in the animated series and X-men vs Street Fighter (one of the greatest fighting games of that era)  because for me, it made them far more iconic and memorable. Rogue is an awesome character because of her power absorbing power and Gambit is awesome because he speaks in a Cajun accent and carries a big stick, he can also throw playing cards charged with kinetic energy like shurikens. 

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