Monday, February 17, 2014

Voldemore or Less like him...

I honestly liked the first movie version better.

I never found the final version of Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies all that intimidating, actor Ralph Finnes did a great job bringing the character to life but honestly I felt the makeup held back a lot when it came to making the main villain of the story more badass. He just didn't seem nearly as scary or snakelike enough. Though I never quite joined the Harry Potter band wagon my favourite character was Voldemort, but like with a lot of pop culture movie adaptations the live action films quite often fall short of their animated counterparts and honestly I felt the central antagonist of the movies could've been more cgi than simply just his nose.
These movies will be remade someday no doubt.

How does he smell? Awful?

One of the best parts of being a caricaturist and/or police sketch artist.

This is one of the weird quirks and anxieties of being a caricaturist, the old "it looks nothing like me" which happens every now and then (especially when someone's watching you behind your back) because honestly you never know how someone's going to react to a photo of themselves, much less a purposefully  exaggerated portrait, drawn by a stranger. When someone laughs out loud at my work I usually know instantly that the drawing was a hit, because that's what we do as caricaturists essentially we're telling a joke at someone else's expense like a roast, and if they get it, all the better. It's when you're met with a stunned silence or worse, blank indifference that's when it kind of hurts a bit. When all your practice, dedication and hard work is greeted with a "meh" reaction. Ah well that's the process.

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