Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Zee Brush, "Edgar"

I'm currently still teaching myself Z Brush, a program in my humble opinion is probably the most awesome creative platform since I discovered MS Paint as a kid in the 90's. Ok that may be a stretch but back in 1994 MS Paint was the greatest.

Meet Edgar, yes I know most of what I've been creating has been a tad nightmarish and grim but stick around, it's all part of a far cooler bigger thing. Loosely based on Audrey 2 from 'Little Shop of Horrors" and the piranha plants from Mario Bros I wanted to make a cool venus fly trap monster. So using multiple component shapes for the head (sphere), flower (cone), soil (sphere), pot (cylinder)  and root (cylinder) coming out the side are all separate 'sub tools' that can be worked on independent of the others.

Here's a close up, I wanted to make the whole man eating plant concept more plant like especially when it came to the teeth as in different versions the teeth have always appeared more animal I wanted to make them seem more like thorns. 

I'm working on making the pot look more beaten up and giving way to the plant slowly beginning to escape, I also like the character of it.

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