Friday, March 7, 2014

Zee Brush

I began teaching myself how to use Zbrush after seeing some amazing work done online using the program. I've always been an avid sculptor since my days studying fine art and clay, is my medium (with sculpty a close second) so when I discovered software like Maya and 3Ds Max used digital clay I was to say the least intrigued, then along came Zbrush and I knew I found it. :)

This is the first completed painted head sculpt I've made so far, it's a fan art piece of Batman villain Killer Croc. 

The character has a great unusual face to create as he has been reimagined as everything from an MMA fighter with a bad skin condition, to a talking dinosaur so though there's a few parameters the characterisation is a free for all .   I've done other pieces which I'll be posting soon to show my progress. 

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