Tuesday, November 8, 2011

34 Degrees South Mural process shots 2011

Photos: copyright Elise Watson
 More of the mural painting process, basically these are painted in massive panels, think Secret Wars but somewhat slower. 

The basic design outline of the piece is sketched out on the wall in willow charcoal, is then painted over with black oil based enamel.

The colouring or in this case the various grey tones are mixed and applied this can be messy, potentially toxic work work so I can't stress the O.H and S enough. 

If you are going to do one of these remember. 

  • Work slowly but thoroughly- don't rush these things but don't drag it out.

  • Invest in disposable rubber gloves, if you can get a box of 100 on the cheap they'll not only save you a lot of grief when you go to touch your face, scratch, eat etc. And you can greatly avoid washing your hands in turpentine.   

  • Have a separate brush for each colour or tone, preferably a big brush and a small brush, and a tiny brush for ultra-fine work.

  • Keep these brush sets with each colour and have a separate container for each. 

  • Brushes are inexpensive for the most part, for the big brush you do better to go to the hardware store, the mid size brush you can find in most variety stores (please note that most of these are extremely poor quality with bristles that may fall out and flimsy handles) 

 There will be more tips to come stick around and watch this space.


-Ed Dyer

P.S. I would like to give a shout out to Elise Watson
Without whom the filming and much needed conversations kept me company and who's wonderful patience and serene temperament is matched only by her beauty...;)

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