Monday, November 19, 2012

Adelaide Supanova 2012

The Adelaide Supanova, was one of those truly unique first time experiences. Heck Adelaide itself was unique enough too! When I got off the plane and was driven to my hotel I pointed to a small group of buildings in the distance "so is that the city over there?" he blinked and shook his head "no mate you're in the city right now" needless to say, Adelaide is a small and friendly desert town.
Tash, Pweshus!

Force Lightning, also good for jump starting cars and eliminating static cling.

I was introduced to Darth Nihilus, a very cool and up until recently, little known Sith lord from Knights of the Old Republic. It's amazing what goes under the radar when it comes to the endless branching subgenres relating to these movies and it got me thinking, sure it might be a galaxy far far away-- but it's still a galaxy.

Latrine from Robin Hood, Men in Tights, she even got the omelette right!
The theme was pirates, so I figured-- why not?

Horror themes are always awesome :)

Anime is something of a departure from my usual style, it's main appeal, and I mean no disrespect to any otaku out there extremely easy to draw. 

 Two Harry Potter fans Nicole was put into Gryphondor and Emily was put into Hufflepuff, by the Sorting Hat who may have been bribed with cash, which may be it's favourite food.

 Fellow artist looking to break into the industry further, had a very cool take on the business card, cut pieces of masonite.
To answer the following questions: Yes, that is Tom Servo from MST3k.
Yes that is AWESOME!!!!

See you next year, I'll be doing Oz Comic Con too! 

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