Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life Hacks for the Illustrator

Back up everything, and I mean everything. This caught me off guard as though I've invested in some sturdy, reliable external hard disks the humble USB drive is also a bit of a worry.

They're cheap to make and therefore, cheap to break. Not to mention lose and corrupt your files. Spending a little bit extra on a more trusted brand name is the better way to go I've found, however NOTHING WORKS BETTER THAN SAVING IT TO A HARD DRIVE.

The only surviving version of this fan art piece I call Calvina and Hubbz.

 The original picture was lost when the file it was saved as scrambled the data like an egg in a paint shaker however I took a progress glamour shot of my laptop screen with my phone- little did I realise it would be like that last fateful photo before disaster struck.

I normally never draw straight up digitally, there's almost always a hard copy on paper laying around which is scanned and worked directly from. This time was not the case.

MURPHY'S LAW: If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. 

This can be applied to every aspect of life, and it helps to be somewhat zen about it but experiments are what they are.

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