Thursday, July 17, 2014

New studio format, new digital caricatures.

No sooner had I updated my studio space the new commissions came in, the initial idea for the wacom 21UX was it was going to be part of a digital caricature revolution and this was one of those "it looked great on paper" ideas I kept it and a massive A3 printer at the booth and due to the nature of the place proved to be impractical, due in most part to the fact I was somewhat unfamiliar with the tech.

I picked it up second hand from ebay, and with a few extra bits and pieces (it was missing its stylus) bit of fine tuning (a quick download of a driver) and a decent computer to run off I began a beta test.
This was the first official digital commission done solely on the wacom 21UX
 Not a bad test phase win, given the 24 hour deadline (they pop up from time to time) which honestly I do love the challenge of but I now have a much needed new way of working.

An over the shoulder selfie of me at work teaching myself the old/new tablet. After a bit of wrangling, wherein I basically packed the delicate (and way heavier than it looks) technology into my travel suitcase, I set up in the spare room.

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