Saturday, March 17, 2012

LIL SPAWNY 2010- 2012

Every now and then I find an old sketch or unfinished idea that I just can't help but either rework or complete, either out of principle, curiosity or boredom. Growing up Spawn was one of my favourite comic book heroes and, in more of a nostalgic capacity, still is. I initially drew this piece back in 2010 and was never really happy with the original drawing, fortunately I'm old school when it comes to my craft and always have a hardcopy back-up of just about everything I've done so reworking this piece was relatively painless plus, the way I see it is-sure I'll go totally digital when they build a USB storage device that doesn't turn feral after 1 transfer! 
This piece was part of an original collection of pop culture homages kind of a love letter to the 80's and 90's caricaturing the creations of that era.
This piece is a WIP I fixed up in an afternoon- the finishing touches coming soon.

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