Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Direction Cartoon Thattaway

It doesn't often happen but every now and then I get asked for a special request for celebrities I honestly haven't heard of. This is one of those times, meet "One Direction" a 5 piece British boy band, who I had to google to find out about. 

They seem nice, in that wholesome, nonthreatening-male, archetypical, manufactured for a key demographic by a specifically orchestrated marketing machine kind of way, because let's face it there's a massive drop off in their fan base outside of school age females! They are, however the latest answer to the question: "Hey, you know what we haven't had in a while?" A BOY BAND! 

Seeing as I lived through the 90's this phenomenon is nothing new, but now we live in an age of internet gratification and the never ending televised karaoke competition it has never been a better time to be a flash in the pan overnight success; like Warhol said "In the future we will all get 15 minutes of fame" although he was most likely being sarcastic or ironic being the grandfather of all hipsters, it is true. Though how long "15 minutes of Fame" actually constitutes, is anyones guess. There are some reality television personalities that are in explicably still around having turned their small shred of popularity into a long and viable career.

All I know is that first came 2D, then came 3D and now, we can safely say, 1D has officially arrived... and yes, with all the multiple meanings that entails.

Not my thing but hey. 

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