Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've always had a kind of ambivalence to anime and have never really gotten into manga for that reason either. I find anime far easier to consume if only for the reason it requires very little reading. As a casual fan getting the English translations of these myriad stories and critiquing them may be considered sacrilege to the purist crowd many of whom aren't content until they've taught themselves just enough Japanese to not have to rely on subtitles, I for one just do not care enough. My peeves about the art form are fairly standard though; even the stories that mirror almost exactly the everyday human experience run into the similar problems of people do not look, act, sound or move like that not to mention the stories themselves are like what happens when you switch the medication on a bunch of schizophrenics with ADD with LSD and let them play Mad-Libs. It doesn't make sense...and I love it.  

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