Monday, April 16, 2012

Day One- Diary of a Theme Park Caricaturist.

How it all started, initially I began at the park as a Christmas casual in 2006. Along with a plethora of a few hundred hopefuls I found myself herded into the Big Top for an extensive interview process, which reminded me more of auditions for Australian Idol or X Factor; raffle tickets, competitiveness and the fat being trimmed to a few.
 My first choice being part of the Showtime dept, which involved more synchronised dance than I expected so I opted for my second choice, the games of Sideshow Alley. 

I loved my position, the always something new days and the camaraderie. I worked there up until March of 2008 shortly before turning 25 when I met the cartoonist who'd just set up shop from the previous holiday break. I was called in close to the end of one of my shifts to help bring in the newly painted "CARTOONIST!" sign to adorn the top of the booth. After knock off time I took the "now or never" opportunity to introduce myself and show that I could draw caricatures also. The then cartoonist, an older bloke, agreed and took me under his wing and who would eventually move on and leave me the booth which I have been operating solo ever since. The photos above were taken by his personal assistant on my first day. Things have changed a bit since, but it's still the same spot.

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