Monday, April 23, 2012

How would you tell your grandchildren about life before the Internet? Tell them to Google it!

The impetus behind remakes, prequels, sequels, reboots and non-cannon cannon fodder being produced by entertainment studios digging up old franchises and re appropriating them with the gusto of a wood chipper with a hyperdrive from the Millennium Falcon these days, would have even Andy Warhol cringing at the sheer cannibalism of it all. 
My Little Pony "One Trick", this character I came up with as the cynical pop culture critic. 
Sure it has its place and modern society is such now that with the internet being the provider of such godlike levels of content, that to complain of some kind of boredom or dissatisfaction in such an era of entertainment is the very definition of "A First World Problem" one can only trace the roots back to the first person to complain that the book was better, and throw it at them.

The My Little Pony reboot is actually one of the better examples of how in the right hands and with a little luck it can be not only really good- but better than the original. 

MLP Old School 1980's
The first My Little Pony (MLP) was kind of the family friendly absolute schmaltz which made the 80's and early to mid 90's pretty awful for any girl who was a kid during that time. The ponies themselves were boring personalities as inversely dull as their pelts were bright. 

MLP New School 2000's
The character design here is fantastic, if at any rate the simple geometry and further attention paid to the personalities and attributes thereof (linked to their names) these ponies have not only paid a nice homage to the old series but have become so iconic so quickly have spawned a cult following of the almost polar opposite target demographic for this series- known as "Bro-nies" 

MLP Medical School

I use examples from my own childhood and adolescence as examples of the process of this in more up coming posts, this one was a short and honest written opinion- stay tuned. :)

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