Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Spawn 2012

My tribute to the 90s comic book hero Spawn, though I'm sure he's still around and the series Todd MacFarlane created continues I haven't heard much from the brooding crimson caped, undead, African American, former special ops, turned servant and knight for Hell on earth after selling his soul to the Devil to see his wife again... Come to think of it, it really is a very cool story.
I discovered Spawn around the age of 12 or 13 my Dad gave me the first volume as a birthday gift, seriously one of the greatest presents I ever got since my first bike! But I was engrossed with not only this Dante's Inferno meets Faust meets The Crow type of story but the art in the book was like nothing (and this was long before I got broadband) I'd ever seen before. MacFarlane drew in that I either can't or refuse to draw in that classic comic art style and made something unique.  

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