Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Park life

Sisters Nathalie and Becky from Brissy, they requested a theme. "We're always fighting!"

Jasper wanted to be drawn like Iron Man, he also has a killer Decepticon hat!

Heidi, was a fan of art and charity, nice to do a basic simple black and white.

Theo wanted to be drawn like my version of the "Wild Mouse" mascot.

Little Tristan was a ball of energy this version of him as Hell Boy, was a nice motion capture piece, which was good cause he kept running around.

Shaquania, gave me one of the most unique requests, she wanted to be drawn on fire!! 

Shanikaqua, gave me a chance to draw an old theme I haven't done in ages. But seriously what girl doesn't like horses?

Nigel came back for another caricature, wanted to be drawn as Batman this time. Hung around for quite a while .

Natalie gave me a great theme idea, and she was the first to want to be drawn as an actual Angry Bird! Nuff said!!

Julien and Grace, a cute couple from Melbourne consisting of a French ex pat and an Aussie girl, great way to finish up the night, as I seriously am considering a set up format change at the booth. One that will probably cure my back and noise problems.

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