Thursday, January 5, 2012

The latest from Luna 2012

I figured if I have to listen to LMFAO everyday I am working live I may as well make a small tribute to the Party Rock Anthem song.

The theme here was a Jack and the Beanstalk meets an allusion to Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan, stylistically a departure from my standard fare.

When there's a language barrier or simply too much noise to hold a conversation sometimes the beauty and simplicity of making something cute can really bridge that gap. Annabelle, a Chinese student studying translation in Brisbane.

Little Grace from WA first time at Luna Park.

Nathan a big fan of the game Skyrim, and made it more fun to customise this caricature including the Mortal Kombat reference.

Jordan gave me one of the more unique and interesting themes for her caricature, a fan of singing and dogs, her favourite breed being the English bulldog, so I thought hey may as well combine the too interests.

Sinead and sisters, Toni and Kristen from Brisbane; gave me a chance to do a classic Luna Park theme I used to do all the time when I first started out, big heads, little bodies, dodgem cars. Toni had these sweet peacock feathers in her hair , as far as accessorising goes, that's one for the win! ^_^ 

I got a second chance to draw the same Brisbane couple, this time as super heroes! From what I can tell I think they loved it. :)

Originally from the Blue Mountains and after spending the better part of a decade in London and various cities in Europe he was back to begin a new business venture, he and his lovely girlfriend, a teacher specialising in safety education had some of the best stories about the British, television licences, 

Lovely lady travelling solo from SA loves the colour purple.

The view from out the front door of my office. The New Years display still going.

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