Monday, January 2, 2012


Alexander "Sandy" a bass player and fan of band Avenged 7 Fold, particularly their Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas inspired track "Bat Country"

Cameron had the dream is to own the drums, and then later to progress from there. Had a close call with the spelling of his name.

Blake had made DUX of his school, I've never understood why that word is used to describe the achievement, still if you miss the visual gag for it I can't help you out. LOL 

KiKi, was the first Black and White and stylistically scaled back cartoon of the day I wanted to focus more on the caricature itself rather than the surrounding theme elements, however her nickname and the soccer ball made for a nice visual gag.

Jess, Kiki's older sister had the orthodontics, it's always sweet when someone with braces isn't too self conscious cause it makes for a more interesting composition.

Terry and Daria, from Taiwan and now living and working in WA, not only a cute couple but Daria was very proud of the English name she chose, very cool. ^_^

Big sister and little brother, hot, tired and the sweltering weather wasn't helping when they came and sat for me he had the 1000 yard stare, and ended up having a nap mid drawing. 

Matt and Anna, lovely couple from the States, he was here living and working in Toowoomba and she was here for New Years from Milwaukee, he reminded me a bit of Mark Wahlberg and she reminded me of Brooke Shields.   

My first family of 5, though my usual limit is 4 people per drawing the opportunity was too sweet to pass up.

Fun to draw she was a dress maker in the family business, lots of freckles ^:_:^. 

It's rare for me to get a chance to draw a Biker this guy's beard was awesome. 

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