Sunday, January 1, 2012


Eamon had a bunch of small requests, including his name is Graffiti style and Stewie Griffin from Family Guy (Apologies to Seth MacFarlane) 

Sabine, Eamon's older sister too had plenty of requests, including netball, the Eiffel Tower and Edward Cullen from Twilight,(Apologies to fans of real vampires LOL) whom I drew with visible fangs.

Their mum, Leonie was a fan of jazz, Rockabilly style, Sydney's very hip inner west suburbs of Newtown and Enmore and the novels of Karin Slaughter. 

From SA she was proud to say she was the first girl to wear a scarf and play Aussie rules in that city, and had dreams of being the first female police officer too.

Her younger brother, was a big fan of the anime series Naruto, though I'm not all that familiar with it (for the most part anime just isn't my cup of chai latte) it was a fun draw nonetheless. He had a special request for the character Hinata to be featured. 

A make up artist from the central coast, who'd accidentally burnt her neck with a curling iron,  also a Nightmare Before Christmas fan!

Her boyfriend, a heavy machinery mechanic working on the various coal mining trucks and equipment special request was for Ionides from the movie 300.

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