Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Someone call for a webslinger?

I've drawn a caricature version of Spidey every year since 2008 and each year they get a little better, more ambitious but still cartoony. I drew this one during some down time at the park, it wasn't all that busy at the time and I figured hey, if all the equipment is here why not. Besides it's always a great way to draw a crowd, so to speak.

Ok he's technically not an avenger- well not a full time one at the very least. But he's pretty damn cool and has a new movie coming out. I liked the mid 90's animated series that came out for this character and his inclusion in games like Marvel Verses Capcom.
Mavel vs Capcom two kinds of pure awesome in one. I will be returning to this later on.

 However I do remember trudging through the seemingly endless "Clone Saga" one of the few times I decided to get into the comic books and I chose that specific time.

This series went way too long I've always found anything with clones to be kind of dull, mutants however...

The movies directed by Sam Raimi from the mid 2000's were fantastic...ok the 1st and 2nd movies were fantastic I had my qualms about the casting and final version of Eddie Brock/Venom in the 3rd but hey.
Venom is one of my all time favourite characters- being a kid of the 80's and 90's to see him join a rogues gallery populated mostly by more of the traditional costumed super villains was not only refreshing but very cool. I will be doing a caricature version of this character soon.  

Don't get me wrong the Venom character itself was handled nicely in the movie, casting the guy from That 70's Show? Really??

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