Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Wasabi Whale- I came up with this character for a PSA about the whaling industry- back for a graphic design project back in 2006. Basically for the shock value of the subject matter and the fact you can sell anyone of just about anything if you make it "Chibi" a term that literally means make it as cute and non threatening and it'll sell. Oh man, will it ever sell! 

But also it's a swipe at the self appointed whale protectors, seafaring hippies with environmental agendas that border on the militant and occasionally the insane. If you where born in the west during the last 40 or so years, for the most part, have been indoctrinated to save and protect endangered species; usually without judgment or question. The question I have is: Hey have you ever tried whale meat? It'd be a safe bet that a resounding "NO" is the answer. I do get it that certain scientific data needs to be taken into account lets face it whales, though majestic aren't terribly fast, vicious or threatening (with the exception of Killer Whales*) but the knee jerk reaction to the Japanese and to a lesser extent Norwegian whaling industries  is so vitriolic you'd swear it's like homophobic projection by those in the closet, but in this case it's the other other other white meat. What I'm basically saying is try it first before you blindly accept something on faith. - and yes, I am kidding. ;)

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